A MUST for city parents!

Adjustable to any wheel size between 8" and 12".

The special design can accomodate a center-axle, swivel wheel (like on a 3-wheeled stroller).

Waterproof and machine washable.

Attach easily with very little effort.

We are currently out of stock as we search for a manufacturer. Please "like" us on Facebook to hear announcements about when our wheel covers will be ready to purchase.


CONTACT: info@babystrollerwheelcovers.com
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If you take your shoes off before stepping on your carpet, 
then why not cover your stroller wheels after it's been outside?

Do you know what is tracked onto your carpet every
day from the outside?

Animal excrement
A host of germs such as flu virus strains that can live
on carpet for up to 2 weeks!

Covering your wheels is the quick and easy answer! Ours are the only wheel covers made specifically for baby strollers because they are adjustable and fit on a variety of wheel sizes and styles.

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